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My name is Mike Gillins DMD and my wife and I worked with Linda while we were in the process of moving to the area. We came to the area at a crazy time - during the pandemic! What also made this transition hard was that we were in negotiations to become the new dental provider in Blue Hill. So, we couldn't tell people who we were or why we were looking to buy. Linda, tirelessly worked to find us a suitable home. Every day there was anything new on the market, Linda would send us an email to see if it would work. She worked with our schedule, helped us take the time we needed at each house we visited, and she was great with our kids. Finally, she found a home that is just right for us. She helped us through the negotiations, and provided needed insight and expertise through that process. We closed on time, and were able to move in earlier than expected! Through it all Linda was patient, objective, and compassionate. We loved working with her and may work with her again in the future! We highly recommend Linda Soukup! 

Dr. Michael D. Gillins



Blue Hill Family Dentistry and Prosthodontics

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"My family was looking to move to Blue Hill, Maine and connected with Linda.  Linda was super responsive and in constant communication with us during the purchase of our home. We found her to be a font of knowledge for the area and we were able to get every question answered.  The purchase was timely and as painless as these things can be.  I highly recommend Linda if you need an agent in the area."

My husband and I knew we wanted to buy property near Mt. Desert Island where we could eventually retire from our current California location, but we knew very little about the area. We felt lucky to be referred to Linda Soukup by mutual friends—her calm demeanor, kindness and attention to client needs above her own won us over quickly.


For us, buying this property was about more than architecture, location and lot size (yet we had plenty of preferences in those areas). We also needed to sense the local culture,  and to judge whether we could be happy with such a big lifestyle transition.


Nearly all of our 18-month search occurred virtually. The combination of our opposite coast location and COVID constraints put an extraordinary burden on Linda, as she used her sixth sense to see properties through our eyes, and to judge whether they might work for us. On several occasions, she gave us comprehensive property tours using Facetime on her smart phone—a challenge I would never have believed could work.


We joked about Linda being our Real Estate Therapist, but in truth, she did a masterful job of reading between our lines and hearing not just what we said, but what we meant on deeper levels. Her patience and determination were critical components in the recent purchase of our dream property… without even once having seen it in person. Linda’s tireless efforts allowed us to understand the property and to sense the spaces. She was an amazing partner for us.


I called Linda when I saw her listing for a house in Blue Hill that caught my eye.  My husband and I had hoped to purchase a second home along the coast of Maine for some time.  When I called Linda from out of state she was very honest and open about the property, making sure we were fully aware of any issues with the house before driving the 6 hours to view it in person.  This was very much appreciated.  She even forwarded a wonderful video of the property for us to watch prior to our visit.  Throughout the process of then buying the home, there were some unexpected twists and turns, but Linda handled all with ease, professionalism and great care.  We would work with Linda again any time and highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a realtor in the Blue Hill area.  She is truly awesome!


Jamie MacNair is the realtor everyone should be fortunate enough to have on their side. Her knowledge about the local market, her tenacity in getting information and on following up on questions or key issues, and her kindness and empathy with our long search for our Maine home make her the best realtor we have ever worked with. We looked at a lot of houses with Jamie during our search and she was always honest about what she saw as positive and quick to point out things that might be issues or lead to problems down the road. As new buyers in Maine, we had a lot (a lot!) of questions; Jamie was patient and responsive, always a text or call away from an answer or a conversation to explain. She was quick to assist in all steps of the process, whether making a call to the inspection company or to the seller’s broker. In the end, though, Jamie’s professionalism and expertise was always tempered by her empathy; she got to know us well and cared deeply about making sure we got the home we really wanted. Too often, realtors are transactional – do the deal, get a commission, move on – but Jamie always put us first, and for that we can never thank her enough.


Peter Goss and Christina Griffith

I listed my home in Blue Hill, Maine with Jane Daniels of Compass Point Realty in late October 2018. The sale was completed satisfactorily in June 2019. From the very beginning Jane was the perfect selling partner; accessible, friendly, energetic, and focused on my sale. She patiently guided me through the process of what I needed to do, like getting a home inspection, water and radon testing, and gave her suggestions on what I might do make the property more attractive to potential buyers.

I highly recommend Jane Daniels to anyone wishing to buy or sell real estate in the Blue Hill area.  She made the selling process easy!

Juanita Blumberg

As a former buyer with Compass Point , Pat Dunham helped us find and pursue a complicated purchase of property on

the Blue Hill Peninsula .

Over several months she provided us with expert local knowledge and a smooth demeanor. She made multiple offers and then followed through with an exceptional closing, that allowed us to save thousands of dollars.

Whether you are buying or selling, we Strongly recommend engaging Pat Dunham as your exclusive agent !

Nancy Herbert & Mark Allen  

I cannot say enough about how impressed I was with Linda's guidance through my recent purchase of land. From my very first call to the last closing signature, Linda demonstrated a level of professionalism, attention to detail, fairness, clear communication, and genuine care such as I have never seen in a realtor - I was unaware realtors like Linda, with these rare qualities, even existed! She acted exceptionally well as a dual agent between her seller and me as a buyer managing both of our interests in a deal that was complicated with many legal details. Due to my time zone difference, email was the best form of communication and Linda was always prompt to answer my questions with clear responses (often times accurately anticipating my next question or concern). All of that coupled with her warm, genuine personality made this reality experience without a doubt the best of my life.



We were expertly represented when buying our dream home in Maine by Sandra Nahorn Silver! Even though out of state we had no worries as she handled every bump in the road and represented our interests 110%!

Highly recommend her and Compass Point!

I had the best experience working with Jane Daniels when I bought my house in Blue Hill. Jane has deep insights into the area and the buy/sell process, she's very responsive and a clear communicator as she made the process smooth and helped bring back momentum when the sellers' agent went quiet.

Jane's also super personable.  I've recommended her to friends looking for houses across the peninsula, and I'm so grateful to the friend who recommended her to me. Three cheers for Jane Daniels! 

Todd Gilmour

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