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My husband and I live in San Francisco, and were recently introduced to Linda Soukup through mutual friends in Bar Harbor who know of our search for a retirement home in your area. Although we haven’t yet found our perfect retirement retreat, I thought it appropriate to write a note of praise for Linda now—she’s been a remarkable partner already.

I’ve lived in the midwest and on both coasts, and have worked with a number of realtors through my adult life. They’ve invariably served as conduits for business transactions rather than as trusted advisors—it’s always been so easy to see the dollar signs floating behind their eyes. Our experience with Linda has been wonderfully different. 

From our earliest interactions I found Linda to possess an intuitive ability to understand not just what we expressed, but also the values behind our wish list. She surprised me by reading between my lines from the start, offering options that were both thoughtful and appropriate. 

While shopping for real estate long distance is a supremely challenging pursuit, Linda’s energy and good-natured enthusiasm never seem to flag. She’s been so willing to spend the time to take better photos of places that seemed to have potential, serving as our eyes in early stages. And while I’ve already come to think of her as a friend, Linda does a perfect balancing act between guidance and persuasion, always diplomatically leaving us the room to make our own fully-informed decisions. 

I must also add that Linda is doing her best to relieve my guilt at taking her time to gather better information about some of these badly photographed listings. Her grace and intelligence are more than I’ve come to expect in any realtor, and we feel truly grateful to have found her.

Most sincerely,

Susan Bierzychudek McKeag

I wanted to share a brief 'review' of Linda Soukup who helped my wife and I recently in the Bar Harbor/Blue Hill area.  While we ended up deciding not to pursue properties in these areas we were very appreciative of Linda's help.  Linda was actually the reason we chose to explore the area, convincing us in emails of the beauty and potential of the region.  When it came time to visit the properties, Linda had everything arranged and allowed us to spend ample time with the business/property owners we were considering.  Linda also gave us a wonderful tour of the Blue Hill peninsula and clued us in to what the area had to offer.  


Thank you - Tim

We were expertly represented when buying our dream home in Maine by Sandra Nahorn Silver! Even though out of state we had no worries as she handled every bump in the road and represented our interests 110%!

Highly recommend her and Compass Point!

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